How it works

Simply contact us with the brand of test strips you have along with expiration dates. Expiration dates must be at least 6 months from current date to be acceptable. The later, the better.  Boxes must be in good condition without any damages, dents or tears for the full payout. Payout amount is determined by brand, quantity and condition.*important note: please do not remove any labels, simply cross out any personal info with a fine point black permanent marker. 


If your boxes meet all criteria, we have CASH waiting for you TODAY. TEXT/CALL 216 220.1506 RIGHT NOW or you may contact us here,  simply click the "contact us" tab with any questions or concerns you may have..

Once we know what you have and payout has been determined..We will send out a courier to pick up the boxes and pay you CASH or you may request a prepaid shipping box and send product to our office(great option for people outside of NE ohio). Payment will be made via paypal for this method. Contact us for full details.